Self-Checkin Checkout
Self-Checkin Checkout
tool #1


Beginning your day right is absolutely key. With this Self-CheckIn you will receive guiding questions that will prime your mindset for a great day with the help of grounding meditation techniques and profound journaling questions. Even better → you can get our screensavers for mobile & desktop to nudge your mindset!

We have kept it short and sweet, because less more, and consistency is key.

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

tool #2


Have you ever felt the pressure of Time Famine? Well, we all have. Which is why it's time we spend our precious energy on the tasks that really matter. The TIDO list will allow you to regain your clarity and channel our focus by extracting your task with a clear intention & desired outcome.

This method is inspired by the famous meeting preparation tool IDOARRT. You can check it out in the Hyper Island toolbox here.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

tool #3

Break Cards

When dealing with Time Famine, it's important not to let that overwhelming task list get the best of you. Odds are, you feel so swamped, even thinking of a break seem daunting. So, let the AgeOfUs take care of this for you, so you can find your optimal balance between work and leisure by letting randomised cards guide your breaks. We are always expanding this collection of break cards that will inspire and move you to truly take 1 break a time.

Remember the 1 Rule : Do what's on the card immediately!

“If you get tired, learn to rest and not quit.” – BANKSY


Methods Used Daily By Professionals Like You

We condense profound concepts down into simple, actionable tools. AgeOfUs wants to nudge individuals into behaviours that allow them to develop the foundation for a strong & thriving culture.

We base our methodologies on minds such as: Daniel Coyle, Jordan B. Peterson, Susan Wheelan, Jocko Willink, Stephen Covey, and many others


So, what do you say about us?

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“Gigway was in an innovation phase of our digital service and needed to explore new ideas. For this purpose Julian from AgeOfUs facilitated a remote team through a 48h design sprint. I’m really impressed by the process, setup and end results!”

gigway CEO
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"The AgeOfUs methodologies have been a great foundation for smooth team progress through various projects I have been a part of. The combination of the 3 skills: building safety, sharing vulnerability and establishing purpose come together to set expectations within the team but also understand each other as individuals while lowering the threshold to expressing needs."

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"I was able to improve my way of working remotely, not just efficiently in my personal work but also in my team. We've enhanced our communication & collaboration to be more productive and less energy consuming. Ultimately, I'm a better freelancer thanks to several great tools provided by Julian, Ron and the team at AgeOfUs!"

Each individual is a small, but vital piece in a working system.

The system is us.