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But AgeOfUs 'You' was destined for more than just us.
It was meant for you, the team developers & facilitators.
We have spent hours putting together resources with in depth facilitators guides, templates & more, so you can optimise & hyperdrive your teams from start to finish. If you have any questions, you can always reach us here.



Us is for the rest of Us. It is the plan for individuals who like to enhance themselves & build a better work environment as a result.

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AgeOfUs condenses profound concepts down into simple, actionable tools. We want to nudge individuals into behaviours that allow them to develop the foundation for a strong & thriving culture. Because teams are only as strong as the individuals that make them up!

We base our methodologies on minds such as: Daniel Coyle, Jordan B. Peterson, Susan Wheelan, Jocko Willink, Stephen Covey, and many others


So, what do you say about us?

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“Gigway was in an innovation phase of our digital service and needed to explore new ideas. For this purpose Julian from AgeOfUs facilitated a remote team through a 48h design sprint. I’m really impressed by the process, setup and end results!”

gigway CEO
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"The AgeOfUs methodologies have been a great foundation for smooth team progress through various projects I have been a part of. The combination of the 3 skills: building safety, sharing vulnerability and establishing purpose come together to set expectations within the team but also understand each other as individuals while lowering the threshold to expressing needs."

brand strategist
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"I was able to improve my way of working remotely, not just efficiently in my personal work but also in my team. We've enhanced our communication & collaboration to be more productive and less energy consuming. Ultimately, I'm a better freelancer thanks to several great tools provided by Julian, Ron and the team at AgeOfUs!"

Each individual is a small, but vital piece in a working system.

The system is us.