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1. Remote Work Ledger [RWL]

We saw a massive problem with teams not knowing where to start when working remotely. Whether that's for a short project or a shift to distributed teams entirely. So, we create the Remote Work Ledger to help you get started by creating the standards & stability in the form of a basecamp for your team to return to regularly.

For Proficient & Creative Teams
- Timeframe Creative: 1,5hrs Solo + Team
- Timeframe Proficient: 30min Team
- Used Tools:
Trello or Notion

"Standards are important, but defining them is money." –

So, whats this all about then?

The 6 Components of the
Remote Work Ledger [RWL]

1. Comms Rules

What do you use to communicate with your team? Is it Zoom or Slack. Or is it Hangouts & Trello? The RWL will define those things clearly as well as how to align your team on rules!

2. Team Heuristics

Heuristics are guiding statements that define how your team interacts with each-other, so you can establish a 'code of conduct' in the form of helpful & hindering behaviours.

3. Meeting Schedule

It's important you keep your team aligned on when & how to work. Whether that is solo or in teams of 2-6, creating the standard of when, where, how & what is vital. We love IDOARRTs for this!

4. Weekly Individuals

At AgeOfUs, we developed a method to make sure your team is heard, as your members often times feel alone or lost. So, we created a method for Team Leads to manage the disconnect.

5. Links

Links are super important, as asking for them can create redundancies & slow things down.. It's important you collect & build a database, so everyone knows where to go!

6. Tasks

Ahhhh tasks! The most important tool in moving forward. But you don't need to make things up as you go.. AgeOfUs can provide you with the structure as well as how to evaluate your progression.

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2. The 4-Step POD

POD stands for point of departure. It is the building block placed on-top of your RWL, as it aims to establish the following 3 skills: 1. Building Safety, 2. Sharing Vulnerability & 3. Establishing Purpose. At AgeOfUs, we extend these 3 steps with a 4th: Accountability & Heuristics → which will flow back into the RWL, as you update it to be a living and breathing system.

For Proficient & Creative Teams
- Timeframe Creative: 
3hrs Team
- Timeframe Proficient: 1hr Team
- Used Tools: Mural or Notion

"In teamwork, silence isn't golden, it's deadly." – Mark Sanborn

based on daniel coyle's the culture code

The 4-Step POD Explained



Safety is the key to creating any thriving culture or team dynamic. In this first step, you will set the tone for allowing vulnerability.


Sharing Vulnerability

Sharing vulnerability is the next step as safety incite openness, which in turn creates trusting cooperation.


Establishing Purpose

From safety, vulnerability & trust come the need to find & identity purpose. Our favourite part, where we love a Golden Circle or two!


Accountability & Heuristics

The last step is creating accountability & heuristics, which will make it easy for you to start maintaining & optimising your team!

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team optimisation

3. Optimise & Maintain

Optimising & maintaining a thriving team culture is difficult. Especially when you are working remotely. Which is why AgeOfUs created a remote team development session we like to call TDD. If you are in need facilitation working or broken team dynamics, you can always reach out below. Otherwise, you can get full access and receive our methods for optimisation & maintaining with tools like 1. Recurring CheckIns, 2. Maintaining Accountability, 3. Individual Team Lead Meetings & 4. Inspiration & Fun.

For Proficient & Creative Teams
- Timeframe: Ongoing
- Used Tools: Mural, Trello or Notion

“True optimisation is the revolutionary contribution of modern research to decision processes.” – George Dantzig


We can facilitate teams & fix their dynamics!


Methods Used By Professionals Like You

AgeOfUs condenses profound concepts down into simple, actionable tools. We want to nudge individuals into behaviours that allow them to develop the foundation for a strong & thriving culture. Because teams are only as strong as the individuals that make them up!

We base our methodologies on minds such as: Daniel Coyle, Jordan B. Peterson, Susan Wheelan, Jocko Willink, Stephen Covey, and many others


So, what do you say about us?

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“Gigway was in an innovation phase of our digital service and needed to explore new ideas. For this purpose Julian from AgeOfUs facilitated a remote team through a 48h design sprint. I’m really impressed by the process, setup and end results!”

gigway CEO
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"The AgeOfUs methodologies have been a great foundation for smooth team progress through various projects I have been a part of. The combination of the 3 skills: building safety, sharing vulnerability and establishing purpose come together to set expectations within the team but also understand each other as individuals while lowering the threshold to expressing needs."

brand strategist
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"I was able to improve my way of working remotely, not just efficiently in my personal work but also in my team. We've enhanced our communication & collaboration to be more productive and less energy consuming. Ultimately, I'm a better freelancer thanks to several great tools provided by Julian, Ron and the team at AgeOfUs!"

Each individual is a small, but vital piece in a working system.

The system is us.