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We increase your team productivity 5x by facilitating your team building from Foundation to Development and Optimisation.

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We help you to get started with creating your distributed team by simplifying remote collaboration and getting your team activated in under 10 hours.
why remote? Why now?

The Global Workplace Analytics estimates that around 20-35% of the workforce will be working remotely by the end of 2021. Before the COVID-19, around 80% of the workforce wanted to work remotely at least some days of the week.
AgeOfUs bridges this gap by bringing the best parts of physical culture to remote work.

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AgeOfUs is a Remote-First company. Our methodology is based on proven team building methods from Hyper Island and research covering the most innovative and successful teams from Daniel Coyle's Culture Code. The result is a 3-phased process that supports your team in its foundation, development and optimisation.

just give me some parts..

Master parts of your
remote team-life balance.


1. Foundation

Starting with the Remote Team Basecamp, the AgeOfUs will facilitate the creation of standards and stability, so you can have a foundation & basecamp for your team to return to regularly.

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2. Develop

Includes our custom approach to our 4-Step point of departure, where the culture & tone is set:
1. Building Safety
2. Sharing Vulnerability
3. Establishing Purpose.
4. Accountability & Heuristics.

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3. Optimise

Efficiency is great, but maintaining it is even harder. Optimise offers:
1. Ongoing Support
2. Feedback & Appreciation
3. Goals and knowledge sharing
4. An extended Toolbox, Templates and Guides.

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Our Mission

Reconnecting emotions with rational
thoughts, stored knowledge,
experiences, values and goals.

Our Vision

Enhancing human interaction in the
personal life and workplace through
the optimisation of individuals.

From The Individual

As individuals, we are facing a lot of challenges in the times we live in. COVID-19 has forced many of us out of our stable routines. This can be a great challenge, and makes us feel lost. However, it also gives us a lot of power to design our own life, and realise our true potential. This toolbox is designed to help individuals not only cope, but thrive in this new world we find ourselves in.

To The Team

The AgeOfUs operates from the simple notion that the individual is a multiplier for strengthening teams and work culture. We want to be the framework that gives teams and individuals the symbiotic relationship that allows individuals to grow from the team, and the team to grow from the individuals. This growing toolbox contains useful exercises and tips for thriving remotely with your team.

Access 'The Team' Toolbox

"The AgeOfUs believes that culture cannot exist without inciting a growth mindset that informs and empowers individuals to work on the betterment of self. Our end goal is to create a symbiotic relationship between the individual and the team, resulting in improved human interactions and ultimately reconnecting emotions with rational thought."

LATEST FROM: The Individual

Daily Self-CheckIn/CheckOut

The shortest path to impacting the world is through a better version of yourself. This self checkin aims to invest in yourself with a small time contribution that can result in huge benefits.


So, what do you say about us?

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“Gigway was in an innovation phase of our digital service and needed to explore new ideas. For this purpose Julian from AgeOfUs facilitated a remote team through a 48h design sprint. I’m really impressed by the process, setup and end results!”

gigway CEO
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Align, empower and create safety within the team for improved mental health and productivity throughout the day.

Each individual is a small, but vital piece in a working system.

The system is us.

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