Julian Paul

Bermudian born growth mindset freak with a love for house music and an Austrian passion for skiing.


Filip Adolfsson

Swedish born procrastination freak with a love for laying down and a Swedish passion for social distancing.

completely remote



Full Ride!

All in a timeframe of 48 or 72 hours.

We believe in being able quickly prototyping innovative solutions with an existing or assembled team of design thinkers who are skilled and experienced in thinking outside of the box. Get in touch and we will craft an offering around your needs. No matter what state you're in!

FRom the team methodology

Master transferring your team into this new remote setting


1. Foundation

Starting with the Remote Work Ledger, the AgeOfUs will facilitate the creation of standards and stability, so you can happily have a foundation & basecamp for your team to return to regularly.

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2. Develop

Our custom 4-Step POD is divided into 3 skills: 1. Building Safety, 2. Sharing Vulnerability & 3. Establishing Purpose. At AgeOfUs, we extend these 3 steps with a 4th: Accountability & Heuristics.

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3. Optimise

Reaching efficiency is great, but maintaining it is even harder. AgeOfUs does this by 1. Recurring CheckIns, 2. Maintaining Accountability, 3. Individual Team Lead Meetings & 4. Inspiration & Fun.

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If you want us to be part and guide you through the difficulties of transferring to remote work or even facilitate the creation of entirely new remote division within your company we would love to discuss the details!

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So, what do you say about us?

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“Gigway was in an innovation phase of our digital service and needed to explore new ideas. For this purpose Julian from AgeOfUs facilitated a remote team through a 48h design sprint. I’m really impressed by the process, setup and end results!”

gigway CEO
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"The AgeOfUs methodologies have been a great foundation for smooth team progress through various projects I have been a part of. The combination of the 3 skills: building safety, sharing vulnerability and establishing purpose come together to set expectations within the team but also understand each other as individuals while lowering the threshold to expressing needs."

brand strategist
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"I was able to improve my way of working remotely, not just efficiently in my personal work but also in my team. We've enhanced our communication & collaboration to be more productive and less energy consuming. Ultimately, I'm a better freelancer thanks to several great tools provided by Julian, Ron and the team at AgeOfUs!"

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Each individual is a small, but vital piece in a working system.

The system is us.